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3 Things

3 Things

Published: Jun 7th, 2022 3:52 PM

Three things happened to me this week, so I thought I’d do a post to cover them all, coz they’re all related. (Sorry it’s a long one, even for my standards!)

One, I got a compliment on my skin. Nice. Second, I was asked how I keep my weight stable. Cool. Third I was asked (probably in exasperation) what do YOU eat then. Do you never eat pasta??? It's honestly like people think there is literally nothing else on earth to eat once you’ve removed wheat.

I’ve written several posts like this for this very reason talking about who I am and my personal struggles.

So firstly, let me tell you what runs in my family (genetics) – chronic and brutal cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, mental health issues (mainly depression/addiction) and now, unfortunately for my boys in the last few years we can say that cancer does too, on both sides.

Now let me tell you about what REALLY matters when it comes to health – my environment.

That means the place that I live in, what I eat, what I put on my body, what I breathe in and how I think. Plus, other weird things like sleep, exercise, the breathing/cold shower thing, relaxation, sauna etc.

ALL of this stuff put together is what gives me nice skin and keeps my weight stable. Not that I “got lucky” or that I’m extremely strict with my diet or exercise or anything like that because I’m not.


I’m conscious of everything I do because of my risk factors. I’m thoughtful and I know I’m as stubborn as a mule and easily lead at the same time so I have to put things in place that work for my personality, and they would be different for you.

I don’t eat till 11 or 12 every day. I eat mostly veg, some lean protein, HEAPS of olive oil, good fats and moderate carbs (probably mostly from veg but yes, I do eat rice and spuds maybe several times a week?). I eat pasta once a week and if I ever eat bread it's good quality sourdough.

I eat a more paleo-style diet, but I wouldn’t label it as that because it’s not and I hate labels. Oh, and I eat dark chocolate every night. Sometimes too much dark chocolate every night.

I make pretty much everything from scratch, no pre-made packets or sauces or anything and it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you'd think.

We have a takeaway once a week but it’s usually a "meal" style from a restaurant rather than fast food. In fact, it’s never the fast-food truth be known.

We never have dessert (unless you count my dark choc or someone brings it over!), it’s just a habit I don't want the kids to ever get into and I have very little dairy. Mainly some sheep's pecorino on my spag on Friday night.

Again, not that I am "anti-dairy" - I'm not specifically "anti" anything - it’s just like with wheat and other processed foods, it’s not that good for you. Especially your 'mones and skin.

On the weekends I drink red wine and if I’m with friends I’ll eat whatever the hell I want. Whether its “good” for me or not.

I don’t stress about food. I have never counted a calorie, carb or other macronutrients in my life, and I never will. The stress from that alone will kill ya.

People always seem to be amazed at how much I can eat or what I eat and it’s really simple, it’s what they see me eating when I’m with THEM. It’s like magic. Now you see it now you don’t.

That doesn’t mean I live a life of misery and frugality outside of socialising, you’ve all seen my cooking photos. THAT’S HOW WE EAT. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Much to the kids’ disgust sometimes, I’m sure.

I drink a lot of water and green tea with ginger every day. I have two organic black coffees every morning. I eat sauerkraut and drink a glass of kombucha every day. I don’t have any underlying hormonal or metabolic issues BECAUSE of this lifestyle. It’s not rocket science.

I always say to my clients you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight. If that’s what your aim is.

I absolutely 100% PRIORITISE sleep over and above nearly all else now I’ve done so much research on it.

I have what you call metabolic flexibility which means my body can roll with the punches and not freak out and put on a shit load of weight coz it knows it’s safe to use it as energy as there’s more coming, plus I don’t retain fluid or bloat (much - I struggle with IBS too!) which is a big weight issue.

I’ve never ever EVER done a low-cal diet and never will and I'll never promote them. These things absolutely mess with your metabolism, and I hate them.

I take my supps. Sometimes lots of them since the cancer thing a few years ago and I’m religious with it.

I research. I keep my mind active. I feel a part of my community (what does all that have to do with skin or weight?) – HAPPINESS. Managing stress. Being active and involved.

Oh, and my skincare routine is very simple. Coconut oil. That’s it.

As a makeup remover (the few times a year I wear it) and an overall moisturiser. Cheap, healthy, effective.

All the REST of the stuff I mentioned is what keeps my skin nice – especially the water and sleep. Man, I can FEEL it in my skin if I’ve had some late nights, it’s amazing. And scary.

Plus, my hormones are as balanced as they can be during perimenopause because of all this and some good supplements.

So, as you can see it is extremely complicated and extremely simple in one.

I am not a holier-than-thou guru sitting on top of a glowing pile of BS talking down to you. I’ve got issues and lots of ‘em. I’ve got weaknesses and lots of ‘em.

I have ABSOLUTELY no willpower against something I want to do so I have to be clever about how I set my life up and I never ever, ever for one second expect perfection from you because I don’t get it from me!

It’s all about getting your “rituals” right (my new beautiful word for routine thanks to a dear friend).

It’s about REALLY doing the 80/20 rule and making the 20 as least offensive as possible. It’s about having an end goal and mine is to live a long HEALTHY life and be useful for many many years to come, and it’s about understanding what your risk factors are, how and why your body works, and what affects it.

Back to basics man. It’s not rocket science.

If you break down what I do it is exactly how I’ve been telling you to live. Try to follow nature’s cues whilst living in a thoroughly modern and disease-promoting world.

It’s not easy all the time but it’s well and truly worth it.

Oh, and I guess in a shamelessly self-promoting plug, pretty much all of my REAL tips and tricks, that I have been practising for over 25 years to get me to this place, will be in my eBook that is nearly available for release. SQUEAL!

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